My first encounter with the term lean startup introduced me to the concept of a smoke test.

The idea was elegant - place a value proposition on a landing page with the intent of gauging customer demand. So, of course, I applied it immediately.

When I heard about Sean Ellis’ “How disappointed would you be” survey, I used that. When I heard about concierge testing, Wizard of Oz testing, and paper prototyping, I used them. 

I used them without thought because that’s all I knew. I used them because someone whose name I recognized used them and wrote it down on a blog, in a book, or on a slide. I used them with the same flawed logic that says Air Jordans make great basketball players. After six years of living lean, I’m starting to recognize that to build something great, to build something that will last, to be a great carpenter, we don’t need a great pair of sneakers; we need a great toolbox.

And we need to know how to use it. Download your FREE Copy Now:

The basic idea with this framework is that the attention step, our user, or customer doesn't even know this thing exists, how do we get their attention?

Then, how do we engage their interests?

What job, what desire do they have that we pair with a meaningful proposition, that they like, that they find valuable, they think will be valuable to them?

Desire is the least directly measurable, but there's some emotional reason why they want to go do this, there's some emotional drive, that's bringing on to do this. What is that?

Action, this is a very important step that's often neglected, what exactly do they have to do to start using your product or your process? How do you minimize that?

What do you need to test that? Onboarding is everything that has to happen for them to become a regular sort of full use of the product. So, for example, with Facebook, that might be going and finding and connecting to their friends with a product like a CRM, like Salesforce, it might be getting your calendar on the system or getting your data in there, so your sales manager goes and looks at salesforce instead of emailing or calling you.

These days a lot of people worldwide lost their jobs and their incomes. Many of them right at this moment are struggling financially.

So, what I what to say is that it doesn’t actually matter which type of industry you are in. What matters is if you want to do some additional work from home or not!

For example, I have been working from home (because of the coronavirus) for more than 30 days. So I #stayathome thinking what else can I do to fulfill my free time.

On the other hand, I have been trying for months to find some additional income by working online from home. I saw many YouTube videos with lots of ideas and some of these ideas sounded really good.

However, there are couple things that I want to share with you, some of them are totally free and some of them are cheap but combining couple of them together really push me in online business with expected income because they open my perspective in this business as I see it now clearly. 

So let's get started:

In Microsoft Windows, there are many ways to get a list of all files in a folder, including all the files within all the subfolders. However, here is one effective way of doing that.

You have to open the cmd prompt in Windows by typing Start / Run/cmd or Search cmd.

After you get the cmd prompt you have to point it to the directory that you want to list. For example, if the directory X is in C:\downloads that you have to type in cmd prompt cd C:\downloads (cd refers to change directory.)

List all Files Recursively

C:\>dir /s

To save results to a file:

C:\>dir /s /b>filelist.txt

View them a page at a time:

C:\>dir /s | more

Kanban is a strategy for optimizing flow. The practices in the Kanban Guide for Scrum Teams help enhance and complement the Scrum framework and its implementation.

Many videos on Youtube compares Scrum and Kanban. Rather than just comparing the two, in this video Joshua Partogi share some practices on how to use both to improve your agility:

The Kanban Guide for Scrum Teams helps you add professional flow concepts to improve your value delivery. Don't forget to read it:

A distinguishing feature of servant leadership is that whereas most modern leadership theories focus upon what the leader does, servant leaders are defined by their character as well as by manifestly ‘demonstrating their complete commitment to serve others.’

Empirical testing of the servant leadership concept is promising in so far as it has been shown to produce heightened levels of team effectiveness and individual follower well-being. Spears identified 10 characteristics of servant leaders from Greenleaf’s writings:

Definition: Dependencies are technical relationships among code that create and reflect social relationships among individuals, groups, and organizations. Another simple definition: A state in which one object uses a function of another object.

When is optimal time to deal with it: After you gone through and identified certain tasks then you can start considering the various dependencies that may occur.

Types of dependencies:

  1. Some of those dependencies are based on technology. Example: I first need to have UI/UX Design before building software / web applications or adding new features, some of those are based on people and people's availability in particular.
  2. Some of the dependencies are mandatory because they have to happen. Example: I have to have code before I can test.
  3. Some of those are discretionary dependencies. Example: it may be more convenient for us to organize the work in particular why.
  4. Some of these may be external dependencies. Example: our team is one scrum team of many in the scrum of scrums and there may be various inputs we need from other scrum teams in order to be able to carry out our task successfully.
  5. Last and certainly not least, we may have various internal dependencies among our teams and resources and how we carry out our work.

Answer on the article headline: software dependencies affect the development of systems by creating situations where developers and groups must engage in articulation work, and organizations must participate in social worlds.

These are the skills that every employer is looking for in the digital age. These skills will be required to thrive alongside disruptive and emerging technologies such as AI and yes, these are the future predicted skills needed!

A dynamic mix of these 6 skills families is important to secure a job or start a business and will be needed to retain a job, grow a business, or navigate to the next opportunity. However, it is important to note that you don’t need to have all the skills under a skilled family to be successful!

Once you know what you’re interested in, it’s worth researching more about it. Make use of online resources such as training courses, video tutorials, podcasts, or blogs wherever possible. A mentor or job advisor could also help you identify the best ways to learn your relevant specialized skills.

Please look at this list:

AI will not replace humans in the workforce. Human augmentation (machines helping humans) will lead to new, fast and smart ways of working.

Humans will also be needed to improve the performance of intelligent technologies as well as take on other higher value and interpersonal responsibilities which machines are incapable of doing (e.g. creativity, improvisation, dexterity, judging, social & leadership skills, etc).

Machines are really good at repetition, speed & prediction which is where we can benefit from their strengths!

The full promise of AI depends on humans and machines working collaboratively (the collaborative intelligence) to develop differentiated customer experiences and create entirely new products, services and markets.

That is the real opportunity of AI. So lets start from the beggining.




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