undp bih grantovi

Online small-scale media outlets, providers and individuals (including bloggers and individuals active on social media) to submit proposals for small granting.

The Small Grants Scheme for online small-scale media outlets and individuals will fund up to eight (8) initiatives with 5000 USD, with total funds available 40,000.00 USD.

Based on the status of the applicant(s) and in accordance with UNDP Rules and Procedures
Small Grants Scheme will award:

  • up to eight (8) Individual Contracts (IC) and/or
  • up to eight (8) Institutional Contracts (IC)

The focus of this call is on supporting existing independent small-scale online media outlets to scale-up or to increase their internal capacities for content production and dissemination, as well as to strengthen individual, social-influencers’ voices and their reach out, when speaking up on issues relevant to the their communities and environment.

All products/outputs that will be proposed in the application for the grant should aim to focus on exploring, investigating, showing and promoting stories on one or more of the following or other related areas and values:

  • Peace and trust building
  • Equal rights for all
  • Respect for the different (other)
  • Bridging of educational divides
  • Interreligious dialogue
  • Fight against hate speech and radicalization
  • Multi- and inter-culturalism
  • Building and enabling democratic processes
  • BiH path towards the EU integration
  • Political participation of and role of women in decision-making
  • Free thinking and critical analysis of thinking or behavior that would undermine any of the above listed values
  • Breaking-point issues relevant to the specific local community(es) which require detailed investigation
  • Any other issue pertaining to the current affairs/breaking news commentary (touching upon any of the above listed values or themes)

Types of proposals/products

While exploring, investigating, showing and promoting stories on one or more of the mentioned areas and values of focus, any of the following communications products that can be shared online is eligible to be supported through the grant scheme:

  • videos (various forms or types)/video activism
  • articles
  • investigative journalism mini-projects that would result in one or several articles, or compilation of articles/publication
  • blog posts
  • Facebook pages
  • infographics
  • cartoons/comic strips
  • photo reportages
  • any other type of communication product suitable for online sharing

Application Guidelines and the Application Set could be downloaded HERE.

Deadline for submission of applications is January 30, 2017 at 15:00 hours.


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