Imagine one of my students, deeply passionate about exploring the world on two wheels, launching their own YouTube channel under the moniker "The Fearless Traveler." As they journey across landscapes astride their motorcycle, each vlog captures the essence of adventure and discovery.

Yet, upon reaching cities, their lens widens to embrace the allure of tourist attractions and historical marvels.

Here lies the crux...

How should he navigate the realm of channel keywords?

Should they lean solely on motorcycle-related terms or embrace a broader spectrum, encompassing the rich tapestry of travel experiences?

Let me try to unravel this dilemma...

Possible Solution 1 - Motorcycle-related Keywords

For this YouTube channel "The Fearless Traveller," which primarily focuses on motorcycle travel vlogging but also covers general travel vlogs, it's important to strike a balance in channel keywords.

So, he can include Motorcycle-related Keywords. Since the main theme of this channel is motorcycle travel vlogging, it's essential to include motorcycle-related keywords such as "Motorcycle travel," "Motorcycle travel vlog," "Motorcycle routes," "Motorcycle adventures," etc. These keywords will help this channel be more discoverable to viewers specifically interested in motorcycle travel content.

Keyword Suggestions for "The Fearless Traveler"

Motorcycle-related (Broad) Keywords:

motorcycle travel
motorcycle adventure
motorbike touring
solo motorcycle travel

Motorcycle-related (Specific) Keywords:

[motorcycle name] travel vlog (e.g., "BMW GS adventure travel vlog")
motorcycle touring tips
motorcycle camping
long distance motorcycle travel
motorcycle gear reviews

Possible Solution 2 - Incorporate Travel-related Keywords

Given that this content also includes showcasing tourist places and historical landmarks during his motorcycle travels, it's beneficial to include travel-related keywords as well.

Examples of these could be "Travel vlogs," "Tourist attractions," "Historical landmarks," "Travel destinations," etc.

These broader travel-related keywords can attract viewers interested in general travel content, even if they may not necessarily be focused solely on motorcycle travel.

Location-specific (Travel-related) Keywords:

"[city name] travel vlog" (e.g., "Paris travel vlog")
"[country name] motorcycle travel" (e.g., "Japan motorcycle travel")
hidden gems in [city/country name]

General Travel Keywords:

travel tips and tricks
best places to visit in [city/country name]
solo travel advice
travel on a budget
travel photography tips

If you include both motorcycle-related and travel-related keywords in your channel keywords, I am pretty sure you'll be able to attract a wider audience interested in both aspects of your content - motorcycle travel adventures and general travel experiences. This approach can help optimize your channel for better visibility and engagement on YouTube.

Bonus Tip

I would also try using long-tail keywords (3-4 words) to target specific searches and reduce competition. Ex: "Best motorcycle routes for beginners in California"

  • Include location-specific keywords in your titles and descriptions to attract viewers searching for travel content in those areas.
  • Use relevant keywords throughout your videos, but avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Research trending keywords related to motorcycle travel and general travel using tools like Google Trends or YouTube search suggestions.
  • Utilize YouTube keyword tags with your videos, but focus on including relevant and descriptive tags instead of just stuffing popular keywords.


Consider creating separate playlists for your motorcycle travel vlogs and your general travel vlogs to cater to different audiences.
Engage with other motorcycle and travel YouTubers in the comments section and collaborate on videos to reach a wider audience.

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