Product Owner is a misunderstood job in many organizations, yet there’s a soaring demand year after year.

This PDF document has 2 main purposes:


If you are a Product Owner trying to land a job, this post might also come in handy, since I’ll also go over the best ways to answer the questions that most commonly arise in a product owner job interview.

  1. Are you planning to make a career as a Product Owner?
  2. Are you worried about the interview?
  3. What exactly do you need to crack the interview?

Here’s an interview prep guide containing the Product Owner's questions and answers with explanations that will help you become more confident.

Have no fear and become confident! Go through these Product Owner interview questions and you will be just fine.


In the product management world, the Scrum team plays a major role in the success of a product. Out of all the team members, the Product Owner plays the most crucial part. Therefore, it’s imperative to hire the right person for the job. To do that, you should know some of the common product owner interview questions and their typical answers.

Interviewing for a product owner position can be tricky. You want to find someone who is qualified, but also someone who will fit well in your organization. To make the process easier, we have compiled many of the most common questions that are asked during a product owner interview.

Looking for a suitable Product Owner to join your Scrum team?

It’s a vital role that plays an important part in product development – and making the wrong hire could turn out to be a very costly mistake.

  1. How can you tell if your applicants have the right product owner skills to confidently assist your team?

Ask your Product Owner candidates the right questions.

It can be challenging to decide on the best questions to ask applicants during the interview phase.

But we’ve got the solution you need – in this test, you’ll find a comprehensive selection of 101 Product Owner interview questions to ask applicants to evaluate their general knowledge.

Pick your questions from the list to hire effortlessly.

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