Why scary?

Because you will need to take uncomfortable action. Many people are not in for that. 

But this is not you. Right?

There are a lot of changes going on in the world right now we know that. And a lot of people are looking for that direction they’re looking for where things are going. They’re looking for certainty, looking for a path and where to start and what to do. A lot of people want it, but most people aren’t willing to take the time.

We know the world has shifted. We know there are a lot of changes out there and we could focus on what’s wrong, as most people do. Or we could shift our minds and look for opportunities on what’s right.

And I love that saying what’s wrong is always available. Just turn on your TV. But what’s right is always available too.

So first, I want to show you that Scrum is not a magical money machine to get rich for doing nothing.

If you’re brand new, I give you all the credit in the world. But you have to be an investigator, and be open-minded, because you will have the opportunity to see what’s possible with Scrum.

And breaking down those barriers, those barriers that have already cost you too much in your life.

And you just kind of been dabbling, you got one foot in, you kind of want to do it, you’ve been thinking about it for years…

If this is you, then you are in the perfect place, I am going to give you some pointers to start with.

Let’s start with...

The differences between Agile and Scrum

Agile is a development methodology based on an iterative and incremental approach.

Scrum is one of the implementations of agile methodology.

In other words, Scrum is a subset of Agile. It is a lightweight process framework for agile development. A “process framework” is a particular set of practices that must be followed for a process to be consistent with the framework.

Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming (XP), Lean Development, RUP, FDD, DSDM, and Crystal are all Agile methodologies (frameworks), however, Scrum is the most popular and the most widely-used one.

When used the right way, with the right tools it becomes a no-fuss, simple implementation that gives autonomy to teams, emphasizes quality and customer satisfaction and above all helps each team member work to their maximum potential.

Here is my recommendation for you: 10 Scary Steps to start with Scrum

  1. Start with Scrum Guide 2020. It’s free and only 14 pages long. Here is the link: https://scrumguides.org/ 
  2. Read Glossary of Scrum Terms: https://www.scrum.org/resources/scrum-glossary 
  3. Download and learn the Evidence-Based Management Guide: Here is the link: https://www.scrum.org/resources/evidence-based-management-guide
  4. Here is the access to my free 30 Minutes Course: Learn How Scrum Works, Password: whatisscrum
  5. Go to Scrum.org and Practice with Open Assessments, do all of them, multiple times until you get a score of 100%: https://www.scrum.org/open-assessments 
  6. I would recommend taking at least one comprehensive Scrum course before you go to the certification. If you need my recommendation, here it is!
  7. Once you get certified, update your resume. Since you don’t have a Scrum Master experience yet, then highlight other skills that you have and that are needed for the job:
    1. Communication skills: Scrum masters use communication to mentor their teams, inspire team members, and lead daily meetings.
    2. Interpersonal skills: A Scrum Master will work with a variety of people each day. They can use strong interpersonal skills, such as empathy and active listening, to build positive relationships with their team members.
    3. Collaboration: Scrum masters facilitate communication between multiple teams and other departments within organizations. They can use collaboration skills to help them share ideas and responsibilities with a variety of professionals.
    4. Coaching: Coaching skills can help Scrum masters, mentor, teach and inspire their team members.
    5. Conflict resolution: Part of a Scrum master’s duties may involve solving problems and resolving conflicts. Strong conflict resolution skills can help them create positive team environments, which may improve performance.
    6. Include a passion for agile — I hope you are passionate about agile :), have a desire to change organizations for the better, and have great people skills…
  8. Download Scrum Master Self Assessment Checklist, so you can check your current skills level.
  9. Now it’s time to start working as a Scrum Master. Here are Tips on How to Get Your First Scrum Master Job
  10. Finally, read all the time, take courses, go to webinars, apply as a volunteer, join communities and actively participate and HELP other people to get from where they are to where you are now faster.

Question: Volunteering/joining Scrum communities, virtually and/or in person?

Answer: In every possible way, if you have the possibility to participate in live (in person) fabulous, if not, choose at least one popular virtual community, and be proactive.

Question: Does helping people out help me become better as a person and help me develop my personal skills?

Answer: By helping others you will learn one of the main purposes of Scrum Master which is helping everyone understand Scrum theory, practices, rules, and values. Not only that, by helping others you will Master how to coach, how to host meetings, how to assist PO and devs, how to remove impediments…

Scrum Certification

Please go slow with Scrum Certification.

I wouldn’t suggest taking Scrum Exam just because you want to see where you stand on overall Scrum knowledge.

Not because of the money, but because I know a couple of my students, who fail on their third attempt. They were in a rush to get certified as fast as possible… They become so frustrated, thinking about moving away from this career for good…

I hope this helps…

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