For over 10 years now SEMrush is been helping marketers build and fine-tune online visibility across multiple channels, be it search advertising, social media, or content marketing. By and large, SEMrush is a comprehensive SAS platform that takes care of providing marketers with insights and data to power up the online visibility strategy.

I am so excited to have you on board and now it's time to make the most of your time with SEMrush. I will show you around the interface so you can enjoy the whole range of solutions this company offers. 

We'll also have a look at the various data sources available to you and talk about the best ways to use them. You'll learn how to customize SEMrush to your needs and existing workflows. You'll also get to know how to use SEMrush together with your team, your clients, or your contractors.

After we're done you'll be able to navigate SEMrush much easily and harness a hundred percent of its power to achieve your specific goals.

  • A Ready-Made Link Building Workflow
  • Research
  • Reach Out
  • Analyze
  • Optimize
  • Best

SEMrush Awards:

  1. Digital Tool: Interactive Marketing Awards Florida 2019
  2. Best SEO: Software Suite European Search Awards 2020
  3. Best SEO Software Suite: US Search Awards 2019
  4. Best SEO Software Suite: UK Search Awards 2019
  5. Best Search Software Tool: UK Search Awards 2019

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