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👉 Follow these steps:

0:00 Why you should be making money online?

0:44 Step 1: Stop Wasting Time On The Internet.

2:56 Step 2: You have to Focus.

4:50 Step 3: Step is to Hold Yourself Accountable.

5:36 Step 4: Change from a goal mindset to a growth mindset.

6:24 Step 5: Learn and Practice Scrum and Agile for Free.

8:08 Step 6: Get Scrum Certification.

9:20 Step 7: Get paid for your work.

Okay, let's start with step number one since this tutorial is going to be divided into actionable steps, which you can easily follow to set up this income stream properly. And if you want to make this happen, and if you want it to work for you, I urge you to just follow every step and take action. Don't just watch the video. Because that way, it will not work for you, if you just watch it and don't take action, and you won't make any money at all. But if you complete each step, then that will make a difference. 9:48 What Industries Use Scrum, and Which Pay Better? Financial services (insurance, retirement planning, investment firms) Product development (light manufacturing, heavy industry) Construction (contractors) Advertising and marketing Consulting firms Government offices Disrupters (Airbnb, Uber)

👉Learn Scrum and Agile for free:

Understanding the Scrum framework is the beginning of applying Scrum successfully. Your first step is to read the Scrum Guide multiple times, which lays out the overall Scrum framework.
LINK: https://majkic.net/agile-and-scrum/20...

Read Scrum Glossary multiple times, so you can understand Scrum-related terms.

Read the Nexus Guide, which describes how multiple Scrum Teams work together.

Learn the Evidence base management guide - Measuring Value to Enable Improvement and Agility

Check out the Scrum Values

10:37 Want to Learn More About Becoming a Scrum Master or Product Owner?

✅ BEST WAY To Learn Agile and Scrum 👉 https://www.whatisscrum.org/


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