In Public administration

    • Job Title: Assistant Director - CIO @ Tax administration of Republic of Srpska - Ministry of Finance
    • Job description:
      • Responsible for the development of ICT in the Tax Administration of the Republic of Srpska.
      • Preparing a strategic plan for the implementation of an integrated information system and is responsible for the execution of that plan.
      • Organizes tasks on defining standards for hardware and software, research and development of IIS.
      • Proposes to use funds provided for the annual budget intended for the permanent and special costs of maintaining IIS development projects and training of personnel.
      • Decides on the deployment of ICT equipment.
      • Performs the most complex tasks within the scope of the Sector.
      • Performs other duties as requested by the general manager of the Tax Administration of the Republic of Srpska.
    • Job Title: Head of the Central Personal Database Department: Republic of Srpska Government - Civil Service Agency of the Republic of Srpska
    • Job description:
      • Managing of Department,
      • Integrates and directs the work flow of Department,
      • Responsible for timely, lawful and proper performance of the activities within the Department,
      • Responsible for task assignment to the perpetrators,
      • Performing the most complex activities within the scope of the Department,
      • Perform other activities on behalf of general manager.
  • Job Title: Senior Associate for Supervision and Control of Central Personal Database: Civil Service Agency of the Republic of Srpska
  • Job description:
    • Implementing, Supervision and Control of Central Personal Database,
    • Civil Service Certified Trainer,
    • Databases, Information System and Web site implementation,
    • Projectiong, maintaining and securing CSA LAN network,
    • Forum moderator,
    • IT consalting.

Outside Public Administration

  • Cheaf of team for creating of project documentation in project of Transfer of Optical System along the Railroad Corridor (Logos-link Company, 9 months period),
  • Enterprise Resource Planning System Administrator : Logos-tel Company (Computer Telephony and Business Information Systems, 24 months period),
  • IT specialist at State Company Telekom Information System (MTEL, 14 months period)
  • Market Surveys : Partner Marketing Agency (6 months period)


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