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Mr. Dejan Majkić is a young, energetic, and capable person, with a strong will and firm principles, aimed at constantly acquiring new knowledge and skills, able to adapt to teamwork. Excellent English speaking. The need for constant professional training and improvement is very apparent.

The goal to which I aspire

I want to welcome the GOODNESS and to snap the EVIL, to support helpful things and to pull out the rug from under our feet Harmful things, to humanely, and severally Equal incorporated into the basic principles of the authorities of the public and private sector and wider in the world ...

Lessons learned and knowledge

Since I work so far gained very useful experience and specific knowledge, and that I was a young and ambitious reject facing rapid and aggressive adoption of new knowledge and skills. I am able to be relatively easy to fit into the appropriate IT project that will allow me to continue learning and advancement in this very dynamic and interesting area, which is the principal economic sector 21st century.



Updated on 3/31/2022.

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