Last week, I needed to create a Microsoft Word document where page 1 was vertical, page 2 horizontal and page 3 portrait again. Like this:

mix landscape portrait in word doc

Seems simple right?

Click on that page and change the layout to Landscape. But wait, that changed ALL the pages in the document to a horizontal layout.

I found out there are some extra steps you need to take if you want just one horizontal page in the middle of a vertical-oriented document, or a mix of both Landscape and Portrait in a Word document.

Here's how to do it...

Here's how to make a single page landscape:

  1. Go to the last page you want to keep vertical (Portrait) and click at the end of your content, so your cursor is placed there.
  2. From the top menu, select Page Layout > Breaks > Next Page.
    both landscape and portait pages in word doc
  3. Check that your cursor is on the page you want to change to Landscape.
  4. From the top menu, select Page Layout > Orientation > Landscape.
    turn one page landscape in word


This will change all subsequent pages to Landscape.

If you only want one page Landscape, then have your Word document to return to a vertical layout, you'll repeat these steps for the following page (the page after the last landscaped page you want). But this time, in Step 4 choose Portrait.

That's it! You can keep repeating these steps to mix and match page orientations throughout your document.

Note: Step 2 is critical! By selecting Next Page, you create a Section Break in your document, allowing the orientation to only by applied to that section. If you create a new page by selecting Insert > Blank Page or Insert > Page Break, it adds a page, but doesn t add a section break, causing Step 4 to change ALL pages to landscape in the document, not just one.