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Many of you may still be thinking that the rumors about Dark Web and Deep Web as a myth. But, it’s true; it exists. It is huge than what you actually think. According to The BGR, you can only access 4% of the internet via search engines such as – the remaining 96% makes up the “invisible web”, or “Deep Web”.

Really, what is this Deep Web?

Simply we can define Deep Web like this “web content that a conventional search engine can’t find”. But, I can challenge you – you’d have also accessed this part of the web. Want to know how?

You might know how search engines like Google work. These search engines rely on pages that contain links to find out relevant content. But what if there are more content of on the websites indexed by Google – that remains uncovered by Google?

Yes, you can access these type of content after performing a direct search on a website. You can find out most of these “Deep Web” content in online Government databases that is typically unindexed by search engines.

Are these Dark Web and Deep Web same?

“Dark Web” might be the term, you’re more interested in. It can be considered as an encrypted portion of Deep Web that can’t be accessible through standard web browsers. These websites usually hide IP addresses of their servers. So, it’s very difficult to find out who owns a website here.

Tor Browser 2

Tor network is regarded as the main gateway to Dark Web or “Dark Net” content available on the internet. This anonymous network can only be accessed with the help of a special browser called Tor browser.

Is it Safe to Browse on the Dark Web?

Due to the lack of accountability, Dark Web has become as the ground for illegal activities such as drug trade, pedophilic activities, human trafficking etc. At the same time, you can access to a lot of valuable information that can’t be accessed through your regular browsing. Hidden Wiki is a true example. It’s a directory that provides links to various online resources such as financial, commercial and so on.

Internet Privacy advocates would be one of the top beneficiaries of Deep Web. Tor browser simply clarifies this – one can easily protect his anonymity from advertisers and officials without creating any of VPNs.

Conversely, the Dark Web can contain potentially dangerous threats also. Be alert with the links you choose as it can be deceptive sometimes. The main intention of anonymous browsing should be to protect your privacy – not to access illegal data.

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