If you are interested in knowing what are the differences between a Project Manager and a Scrum Product Owner because they are at the crossroads on choosing to become a Product Owner or Scrum Master. In this video, Joshua Partogi shared the differences between the two roles. 

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Here's a breakdown of the key differences:


  • Project Manager: The primary focus of a Project Manager is to ensure the successful completion of the project within the constraints of scope, time, and budget. They oversee all aspects of the project, including planning, execution, and delivery.
  • Scrum Product Owner: The main focus of a Scrum Product Owner is to represent the interests of the stakeholders and maximize the value delivered by the Scrum Team. They prioritize and manage the product backlog, ensuring that the most valuable features are developed first.


  • Project Manager: Responsibilities include project planning, resource allocation, risk management, stakeholder communication, and overall project execution. They are accountable for the project's success.
  • Scrum Product Owner: Responsibilities include defining and prioritizing the product backlog, collaborating with stakeholders to gather requirements, providing direction to the Development Team, and accepting/rejecting work results.

Decision-Making Authority:

  • Project Manager: Typically has the authority to make decisions regarding project scope, schedule, and budget. They may also have authority over team assignments and resource allocation.
  • Scrum Product Owner: Has the authority to prioritize the product backlog and make decisions regarding the features and functionalities of the product. They work closely with stakeholders to ensure that their needs are met.

Team Interaction:

  • Project Manager: Interacts with various stakeholders, including team members, clients, sponsors, and other project stakeholders. They often act as liaisons between different groups involved in the project.
  • Scrum Product Owner: Works closely with the Development Team to clarify requirements, provide feedback, and ensure that the product increments meet the stakeholders' needs. They collaborate with stakeholders to gather feedback and incorporate it into the product backlog.

Role in Agile Framework:

  • Project Manager: While project management methodologies like Waterfall are common, the role of Project Manager is not explicitly defined within Agile frameworks like Scrum. Agile methodologies emphasize self-organizing teams and distributed decision-making.
  • Scrum Product Owner: A core role within the Scrum framework, the Product Owner is responsible for maximizing the value of the product and ensuring that the Development Team delivers high-quality increments.

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