The Republic of Srpska offers numerous possibilities to investors, both for direct investment and investment by means of concession, under very favorable conditions:

  • high potential for development of agriculture – one third of allarable land is still available for cultivation;
  • extremely favorable conditions for development of thermal and hydro energy sector – 30% of total potential for electric power production is used;
  • great possibilities for energy production from renewable sources (wind and sun energy; bio-diesel and bio-gas);
  • richness in forests – the area covered by forests and forest land comprises 40% of the Republic of Srpska territory;
  • ore and mineral resources (coal, bauxite, lignite, iron, copper, aluminum, zinc, manganese, silver);
  • great tourism potential enables development of spa, cultural and historical, rural, sports, ethnic, and eco tourism.

Excerpt from the speech by the Prime Minister 2006

... Our strategy is to create a business ambiance that would strengthen the competitiveness of local economy...

We will shape the economic system in a manner to make it cost-effective to produce in the Republic of Srpska and export to other markets...

… Public-private partnerships will be strongly supported by enactment of all necessary regulations required for further improvement of investment climate and reduction of business costs…

Milorad Dodik (November 2006)


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