Spa Laktasi is located 20 kilometers from Banja Luka in a quiet and natural setting. Thanks to the healing properties of its thermal waters, this spa is known throughout Europe since Roman times. The first modern spa facilities were built in the 1930.

All visitors can enjoy a variety of therapeutic and medical treatment carried out by professional staff. In the spa complex there is the Hotel San which, in addition to high-quality accommodation, can offer two indoor and one outdoor swimming pool and five spa tubs.

Spa Slatina - This quiet spa resort is located 10 kilometers from Banja Luka. It is situated in a natural environment characterized by clean air, thermal and mineral drinking water. The first spa buildings were built in the early nineteenth century, and the spa gets real improvement in 1929 when Vrbas principality was estabished.

There are two indoor pools and twelve spa tubs and in addition to rehabilitation there are a number of recreational activities such as volleyball, basketball, hiking, hunting, fishing and more. Apart from spa accommodation visitors have hotel and private accommodation at their disposal.



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