On March 20-21, the Ministry of Economic Relations and Regional Cooperation and Agency for Information Society of the Republic of Srpska organized a roundtable in Banja Luka entitled Strategic Approach to Business Environment Reform in the Republic of Srpska.

The purpose of the two-day Roundtable was to assist the Government of the Republic of Srpska in formulating a strategic approach to an integral business environment reform, using the experiences and good practices from the region and a particular overview of the direction of the forthcoming business registration reform in the Republic of Srpska.

A comparison of the business registration process systems in Serbia and Macedonia was presented on this occasion, and practical experiences and solutions regarding this process were exchanged.

It was concluded that there are no universally applicable solutions, and that good practices must be based on the new IT solutions and specific facilities for users, i.e. the economy.

Roundtable presenters and participants came from the organizations involved in the specific analyses, design and implementation of business environment reform and in the strategic development of the institutions representing backbone of the economy in Serbia and Macedonia.

Representatives of the Republic of Srpska evaluated the contribution of their colleagues from Serbia and Macedonia as very useful and practical.

At the Roundtable, the participants were addressed by the Director of the Serbian Business Registers Agency Zvonko Obradović and the Registrar Milutin Maglov, as well as Dejan Damjanović and Andon Rumenov, representatives of the company Reaktiv which led the business registration reform project in Macedonia.

Participants from the Republic of Srpska included representatives of lines ministries, commercial courts, notaries, business community, Tax Administration, APIF, Republic Institute of Statistics etc.

Roundtable presentations


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