Testimonial Definition

In marketing, the term testimonial is used to describe an advertising method in which a person offers positive comments about a product or brand. The aim of a testimonial is to create trust and strengthen brand credibility. They are given by happy customers, voluntarily, or upon a company’s request. 

Why are testimonials effective?

Testimonials are effective because they increase your conversion rates. Customer testimonials can help buyers overcome objections, boost online sales, and turn customers into brand ambassadors. 

What are the benefits?

They build trust by acting as a third-party endorsement, triggering the conformity bias, also known as the bandwagon effect.

In this way, testimonials are an important form of social proof. Social proof is one of two types of evidence you can include on your website. I will create an effective video testimonial for you as a Done for you Service.

About Video Testimonials

Video is fast becoming the number one marketing channel for business owners. In fact, according to one report by Copypress, 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide named video as the type of content with the best ROI. Once upon a time, video testimonials were reserved for companies with 6-figure marketing budgets. But not anymore. Today, I can record a video and capture my thoughts on your product, service, or your brand.

How do I create testimonials and Paid Endorsements?

The writing and presenting is the key. How it’s written will determine its effectiveness and with a good presenter, and you will be golden.

  1. My testimonials are short because long testimonials are unlikely to be seen by visitors. (up to 1 minute long). It could be longer by a special request.
  2. My testimonials are direct. I put the most impactful statement at the beginning so even if people look at just the first few seconds of the video, they get the meaning quickly.
  3. My testimonials are authentic. Everything you say and write is marketing, and people know it. You can’t help it! But when your audience says it, it has the chance to be unexpectedly candid.
  4. 2 days delivery time (1 revision included)

What should testimonials include?

The more information in a testimonial, the more credible it is. Besides well-written text, my Testimonials will include my name, title, and picture and me using the product or service (it is recommended but optional).


  1. You will create short text for a testimonial (good copywriting is recommended)
  2. If it is a physical product, the best testimonial would be if you can send me one of your products so I can try it and have it in my video. Of course, we can do without it.
  3. If it is a digital product or service, the best testimonial would be if you can try your product or service so I can include my personal opinion too. 

Option number 2: I will be your spokesperson or presenter

I will provide you with a professional-looking video to promote your service website or app. A video with a friendly face can provide a relatable and personal experience for your marketing plan and boost interest by communicating your message on a whole new level.

My course creator's experience provides me with a broad background in professional service, presentation, and critical communication to provide you with what you need to get what you want. Let me help you with your project! Send me a message or click the button now to get started.

With this service, you can expect:

  • An engaging, Eastern Europe English accented voice to communicate your message
  • Quality work ethic, I’m here to work for you!

My references

Please check my YouTube Channel and see if I can fit your eligibility. You can see all My Certificates here.

Done for you Service

I will make the video as natural as possible, nothing too professional, from a satisfied buyer that affirms the value of a product or service. Just using my cell phone camera and microphone. Customer testimonials are more important than ever. With a few keystrokes, a brand can go from the top of mind and tip of the tongue - to a mere afterthought.

Use my Done for You Service to reach out to your customers, and in time, you, too, will have an army of people talking about your product, service, or your brand, both online and off.

Example: https://youtu.be/_RMZeictcAU 


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